Definition Of Ribambelle

Français – longue série, une grande quantité de personne ou de choses.
Ex: une ribambelle d’enfants ou de choses.
j’ai une ribambelle de choses à faire.

English – a great number of things or persons, especially in motion.

Kreyòl – AGOGO

SWARM is the exact translation but another word that is also similar and more familiar to us all is MYRIAD.
Any synonym of these two words should remind you of RIBAMBELLE

Basically, I wanted to create the perfect platform for me to assist in anyway possible (with events that is). I did not want to limit my planning services to only weddings. Birthday parties or even corporate functions need planning too…

Ribambelle was the perfect name for me, it’s absolutely chic, it’s a French word which represents my background… It made sense authentically to have my business name something that reflects my personality, where I come from and the “ribambelle” amount of adventures still left in my future.