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I’m Crystelle, Owner + Lead Planner of Ribambelle Weddings + Events.

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A little bit about me… I have developed a passion for being in a role of service through my many positions in the hospitality industry. During the years ahead, it was extremely crucial for me to grow in the different aspects of this industry I love so much in order to gain the most experience. Coincidentally, while planning my own wedding seven years ago, I discovered my love for event planning and as they say, the rest is history…

Although, my hotel background has reinforced my aptitude for event planning, I am also a senior certified wedding planner through the Bridal Society. I understand the importance of an impeccable event flow, your guests’ satisfaction, as well as your own. My experience has given me a unique perspective on how each event or program should be managed. And just between us, I find pleasure in negotiating contracts on behalf of my clients. I will not rest until I know that their expectations will be met.

Additionally, my formal education has been in behavioral science, which has helped me with my perception of personalities. I truly believe that Emilie Wapnick in her TED Talk describes me best: I  am a Multipotenialite! She uses this term to describe those that have multiple talents and passions. For instance, I love the art of selling and strategic planning, but I am especially enthused about creating beautiful designs including handmade décor and floral arrangements!

5 things I ♥

  1. Brunch is my guilty pleasure but I love food overall. Eating more than cooking of course!
  2. Travelling in great company to destinations near or far will always get me ecstatic. Surprising to most, I not only like working in hotels, I also love staying in them!
  3. I am a shoe lover, especially heels!
  4. Documentaries, podcasts, TED talks, audio books etc… It is rare that I will pick up a book to read because I like faster-paced sources; consequently, I remain current and informed by using the other outlets available to me. 
  5. Comedy: If you can make me laugh, we will be friends! If I have to choose between a music concert and a standup comedy show, the choice is easy. I love comedians like Trevor Noah, for example, because he discusses serious matters and world issues while remaining funny the entire time.

I leave the rest for when we meet! I am eager to  assist with your next event! I am quite the talker, so feel free to connect with me on any of our social media platforms!